T16: A unique boutique office & event services building in Gazi.


Next to Benaki Museum of Piraeus, one cosmetics factory turned into space lovable. Who knows. Maybe it’s a result of cosmetics that passed over him.

The T16, the only Boutique Office & Event Services building in Athens, is the ultimate expression of the modern trend for versatile workplaces, meetings and events.

At T16, you can have your office the way you want it today. Whether you are one or many. Closed or open plan. In addition to the incredible aesthetics, which combines industrial design, luxury and emblematic furniture of great architects, you will have full office services, with all practical issues solved, with meeting rooms, with fresh coffee and with the high level of service of the T16 team.

Many choose T16 as a virtual office, to have their tax headquarters there and enjoy special privileges: Access to the luxurious meeting space. Reception of their correspondence. And T16 photographic material for their promotion to their customers.

In addition, T16 hosts all kinds of events, impressing the participants. Meetings, presentations, seminars, workshops, cocktail parties. Big or small. With concept, production, catering-drinks, audiovisual, music, parking and, of course, with all the protection measures from Covid-19.

The icing on the cake: on the large terrace with the penthouse, Stellar operates in the summer. The summer cinema with gourmet street food, by the distinguished chefs Panos Ioannidis and Giannis Markadakis.

All this, in the center of the city, but outside the traffic and the ring road, 600 m. From the Kerameikos metro and between tastes, music, temptations. Get a taste of the new website www.t16.gr and then visit the place, because you will not believe your eyes.

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