Omicron is spreading at breakneck speed in the United Kingdom


It spreads with dizzying speed Omicron, in the United Kingdom, while the dominant variant is expected to take place in London within two days.

Daily coronary infections are estimated at about 200,000, according to the health minister.

“Omicron accounts for over 20% of cases in England, we have already seen it increase to 44% in London and we expect the dominant variant to become the capital in the next 48 hours” pointed out Sajid Javid.

The British are worried when they hear Johnson’s calls to stem the tide “of Omicron cases”, it is estimated that more than one million either took the booster dose or made an appointment to be vaccinated within 24 hours.

However, the measure for the use of vaccination certificates in large gathering places starts today. But from February the British will need to have made the third installment in order to secure the relevant passport.

According to the British press, the Prime Minister will face a big uprising today in the parliament where the new measures are voted with 100 Tories expected to revolt, but the new restrictions will be approved by a majority as they are supported by the Labor Party.

Response: Natasa Kantzavelou, London  

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