Staikouras: New support package for accuracy


The government intends to take an additional package of measures to address the wave of accuracy of households and businesses, said Finance Minister Christos Staikouras. As he characteristically stated, “we are planning a network of interventions for comprehensive and concise assistance to households and businesses”.

The minister said (speaking on SKAI television) that the wave of accuracy is sharper and lasts longer than originally estimated. Especially for inflation in the country, he said that “I confirm that in December it will be even higher than in November. It is very likely that “5” (s.s. in percentage) will be ahead “. However, he reiterated that the phenomenon will be temporary and the price increases in goods and services will begin to de-escalate by the second quarter of 2022 and in energy mainly in the second quarter.

For the support from the state so far, the minister cited as an example a clearing account of PPC, where the increase is 195.43 euros and the total reductions from the state and the company of 117.41 euros. He added that “the whole problem is not covered and we are trying to expedite the Ministry of Energy for further moves in December and 2022”.

Mr. Staikouras, when asked about this, left open the possibility of abolishing the solidarity contribution from 2023 in the public sector as well. He said that “depending on the fiscal space in the future and based on the changes in the Stability Pact from 2023, we will use this space mainly for further reductions in taxes and contributions and the support of critical sectors, such as Health.”

Regarding the increase in borrowing costs that has been observed recently, the minister stated that “calm, prudence and insight are required. “Essentially, Greece will be in any way in a favorable regime by the ECB and the goal is to obtain an investment grade by 2023 at the latest.”

Finally, he said that by Christmas the allowance will be disbursed to health workers and retirees.  

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