Sarigiannis: Omicron in Greece more intense from the new year (vid)


The professor of Environmental and Sanitary Engineering at AUTh, Demosthenes Sarigiannis spoke about the evolution of the Omicron mutation in our country

Speaking to SKAI, he said that from mid-January, the Omicron mutation will be the main problem this winter. «With the data we have so far from the scientific community, our own estimates show that we will encounter it more from mid-January and we have time to prepare properly so that we can deal with it effectively.».

At the same time, he added that from next week, the reduction of the number of deaths will begin, to reach around Christmas in 72-75 average.

«The situation is in a phase of de-escalation in terms of cases and this will begin to be seen in the hardest indicators, such as deaths, as within a week they will begin to decline. At Christmas, about 72-75 deaths will be recorded on average and this process will continue normally during the holidays.».

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