The approval of the new NSRF programs is expected in early April


In late March with early April is expected the approval of programs of the young NSRF, according to the general director of the Ministry of Development and director of the National Coordination Authority of the NSRF, Ioannis Firba.

Speaking at an information day on the financial programs of the New Programming Period 2021-2027 and the opportunities for the municipalities, organized by the Hellenic Society for Local Development and Self-Government (EETAA), the Central Union of Greek Municipalities (KEDE) and the Regional Union of its Municipalities Central Macedonia (PEDKM), Mr. Firbas pointed out: “the NSRF was approved first by all the countries of the Union as early as July. Today all the programs have been officially submitted to the European Commission, we are probably the only country from Europe and we are in the process of formal consultation. We are optimistic that by the end of March and April we will have the programs approved “. At the same time, he appealed to the first and second degree local governments to participate in the consultation and in all the implementation processes of the programs.

Among other things, Mr. Firbas stated that there are increased resources for RDPs by 25% compared to the previous period, while he announced that a mechanism is planned to improve the administrative capacity to implement projects. This issue, as he clarified, will be the subject of consultation with the European Commission.

For his part, the governor of Central Macedonia and president of ENPE Apostolos Tzitzikostas pointed out that in the coming years will enter our economy resources of 70 billion euros, while together with the resources from the private sector will reach the amount of one hundred billion euros.

The resources of the new NSRF in Central Macedonia

Especially for Central Macedonia, he noted that “in the new NSRF 21-27, resources amounting to 1.4 billion euros were secured, which together with the rest of the financing programs of the beginning period will be the largest financial intervention ever made in our country”. Regarding the “Antonis Tritsis” program, he commented that the evaluations of most of the proposals that have been submitted have progressed, while he underlined that the NSRF, the “Antonis Tritsis” program and the Recovery Fund will operate in a complementary and not competitive way.

EETAA technical service for the provision of support to municipalities

The creation of a technical service by EETAA that will help the municipalities that have no or understaffed technical service was announced by the Chairman of the Board of EETAA Dimitris Maravelias.

He commented that in this way an attempt is made to give an answer to the lack of mainly scientific staff in the municipalities in the fields of technical services while he noted that the municipalities that have no technical service in Greece are 25 and those with understaffed technical service are 75 The competition for the recruitment of 1300 engineers in the municipalities was announced by the Director of Economic Development, Organization and Environment of EETAA, Giannis Goupios.

Information on financial programs

During the day, detailed information was provided on the financial programs, which also include the Green Fund, the European Social Fund, etc.

The president of PED Central Macedonia Ignatios Kaitezidis stressed that the biggest issue is the participation of municipalities in the procedures, the CEO of EETAA Spyridon Spyridon stressed the need for proper planning, while the president of KEDE Dimitris Papaste actions for projects that solve real problems. The vice-president of KEDE, Lazaros Kyrizoglou, suggested that EETAA inform the executives and the heads of the directorates of the municipalities.

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