Serbia: Balkan Architecture Biennale kicks off in Belgrade


THE Balkan Architecture Biennale (BAB), started in the cinema “Balkan”, and will last until December 16.

In this fifth event in a row, more than 350 works by artists from the Balkans were exhibited.

The festival opened, the Marko Stojčić, the head of Urban Planning of the city. He pointed out that in this area, too, it is confirmed that Belgrade is the center of the region and that this architectural production in the capital is slowly becoming an example for all countries in the region.

We have more valuable architectural achievements than we can see in Slovenia And Croatian, and I am sure that in the coming years we will have the opportunity to see further confirmation of the architectural profession in Serbia. Proof of this is the large number of tenders announced by the city and the Republic of Serbia, mainly for public facilities. “I am proud of what we have done between the two biennials, as well as what will happen in the coming years and the procedures we are conducting in Belgrade,” Stojčić said.

The aim of this international event is to bring together and network prominent artists from related fields of urban planning, architecture and design from different but locally connected backgrounds. The purpose is to present examples of good practice, but also to start a discussion on the most important issues of interest to the economy and the profession.

The theme of the Belgrade Biennale Architecture is “Iconic Nomad in Global Village”. The honored country is Croatia. The selection of works, authors and speakers from Croatia was chosen by Commissioner Prof. Sasa Begovic.

Projects from other countries were selected by the Commissioners, Sonja Radović Jelovac, Igor Kuvač, Mihajlo Zinoski, Florijan Nepravišta, Ileana Tureani and Ana Kreč.

The organizers say that the “Balkan” cinema is again the home of Balkan architects and designers who are presented in five exhibition categories. These are the architecture, the town planning, the unrealized projects, the interior decoration and the furniture design.

As part of the program, his works will be presented International Architectural Competition “ArXellence2”. In addition to the main exhibition, a series of accompanying events are planned, along with exhibits with a panel discussion “Brutalism in the Balkans – Protection and Reconstruction” and an exhibition with a Conference of Experts on “Modern Apartment in Belgrade”.

Edited by: Jelena Tsvietkovic

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