Romania – Well-known Rai journalist, “hostage” anti-vaccination senator – Beaten


Incredible things are happening in the world with coronavirus and vaccine deniers.

The adventure of Rai public television envoy Lucia Goraci, who tried, with her crew, to interview Romanian anti-vaccine senator Diana Jovanovic Sosoaka, has caused a great sensation in Italy.

“As shown by the images broadcast by Rai’s first channel, Gorazi and her TV crew were deprived of their liberty for eight hours after an interview with this senator,” writes the newspaper La Repubblica.

The Italian journalist tried to ask questions about the management of the pandemic in Romania and the situation in hospitals and intensive care units.

She was beaten and held hostage

“The senator suddenly locked Goraci in her office and called the police. The journalist underwent a physical examination and was beaten by Sosoaka’s husband. “He was released only after eight hours, thanks to the intervention of the Italian embassy,” the newspaper added.

The Italian envoy, one of the country’s best-known journalists (and, according to many analysts, of the same talent and prestige as Oriana Fallaci), said that the police did not protect her as they should, in order to complete her report, which, however aired last night on Rai’s main news bulletin.

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