Pfizer: The coronavirus pill is effective


Pfizer pill to fight coronavirus shows effective

Pfizer reports that the results of the latest laboratory studies have shown that the antiviral pill against coronavirus is effective even against the menacing Omicron mutation.

THE chief Pfizer said: “We are confident that if approved, this potential treatment could be a crucial tool and help suppress the pandemic. “.

The Pfizer treatment, known as Paxlovid approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration with Americans being able to access the pill within weeks.

Pfizer based on the results of the analysis in 2,246 unvaccinated volunteers announced that the treatment administered within three days from the onset of symptoms reduced the risk of hospitalization or death by 89%. If the pill is administered intermittently five days the risk of hospitalization or death is reduced by 88%.

As Pfizer explains, the 0.7% of patients receiving Paxlovid were treated within 28 days from the start of the test and no one died. On the contrary, the 6.5% of patients receiving placebo were hospitalized or lost their lives.

Pfizer chief scientist Michael Dolsten hopes for effectiveness of pill against Omicron mutation 60%.

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