Germany: Change in the penal code due to forged vaccination certificates


The number of cases of fake vaccination certificates is constantly increasing in Germany

The country’s pharmacies report more and more incidents with customers using fake digital vaccination certificates. In fact, a sign has been placed in a pharmacy in Berlin that reads: Those who attempt to use fake digital vaccination certificates will be prosecuted.

A pharmacist in southern Saxony, Gennar Donner who is and vice president of the Chamber of Pharmacists of Saxony talks about the phenomenon of forged certificates and comments: «We encounter this problem many times during the week “.

The employees of his pharmacy are now on alert, carefully examining every request for a vaccination certificate, as the certificates are issued. from pharmacies.

Doner complains that they arrive every day complaints at the Chamber for scams with forged certificates. «It is a serious problem that is found all over the country, especially since the introduction of the mandatory vaccination or disease certificate (2G) rule.He explains.

On the occasion of the increase of fake vaccination certificates, the penal code was changed, providing imprisonment for up to five years for the issuance and use of fake vaccination certificates.

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