Edison: At 24 euros the target price for Mytilineos


As price – target for its share Mytilineos sets the 24 euros, the Edison, through a report published, while the current price of the share amounts to 15.22 euros, with a “buy” recommendation.

According to Edison, Mytilineos has secured strong cash flows for the coming years, which enables it to finance investments in order to complete its energy transition, which once completed will have a huge contribution to the growth of Mytilineos.

The report also notes that the possibility of rising for the share (upside) reaches 55%, considering that the company will show a strong increase in profits in the last quarter of 2021, these will double in 2022 compared to 2020, while focusing on ” green growth “the Greek company has all the guarantees to achieve an even better course in its financial figures.

At the same time, it is pointed out that Mytilineos, due to its strong economic position, aims at the greatest reduction of emissions from any other aluminum producer in the world, as this reduction is expected to be achieved both through the increase of recycled aluminum but mainly from the use of electricity. from Renewable Energy Sources, for the production of aluminum.

It is further reported that all Mytilineos aluminum production, from 2025, will qualify to be on the list of selected companies which, for S&P Global Platts (Standard and Poor’s), are considered “low carbon” companies. »And therefore will be able to reap much higher prices of aluminum.

EDISON emphasizes that the financial adequacy of Mytilineos, due to the enhanced operating cash flows of recent years in combination with the existing lending lines, enable the company and the flexibility to be able to control the pace of implementation of its investment plans, with priority is currently part of the rapidly growing renewable energy sources. The fact that the company maintains the advantage at all times, to utilize the RES projects in the portfolio of the RSD Sector and the funds from these sales to be reinvested in the RES portfolio of the company could strengthen this.

In closing, the stock market notes that the “green transition” of Mytilineos is fully funded and will play a key role in further increasing the company’s profitability in the coming years.


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