We are making reforms aimed at the gradual transition to fiscal balance


In the government reform workwhich will lead to a “gradual transition to fiscal balance” and thus to economic growth and new jobs, he said in his speech at the New Democracy Conference the Minister of Finance Christos Staikouras.

In more detail what he said:

Ladies and Gentlemen,

New Democrats and New Democrats,

With confidence in our strengths, faith in our strategy and optimism, we hold the 14th Congress of our Party, the New Democracy.

New Democracy that was “born” by the Ethnarch Konstantinos Karamanlis and his worthy collaborators, in critical – for the homeland – conditions.

New Democracy formed as a Party deeply democratic, popular, socially liberal, radical and multi-collector.

As a genuinely progressive Party, which dares to evolve, for the benefit of the Homeland and all Greeks.

At the 1st Congress of the Party, on May 5, 1979, Konstantinos Karamanlis said many great things.


The New Democracy:

He believes in the nation.
It believes in the peaceful coexistence of peoples and condemns all acts of violence and arbitrariness.
He believes in parliamentary democracy, which fights for the progress of society as a whole.
He believes in a free democratic economy.
He believes in social justice.
He believes in the historical roots and potential of the country.
He believes that Greece’s position is in the western world and in the idea of ​​a United Europe.
He believes and works so that Greeks are equal not only before the law, but also against opportunities.
Since then, New Democracy, under the democratically elected, worthy leaderships of Georgios Rallis, Evangelos Averofs, Costas Mitsotakis, Miltiadis Everts, Costas Karamanlis, Antonis Samaras, Evangelos Meimarakis and Kyriakos Mitsotakis – has always remained within the framework of the principles, values ​​and strategic directions for the country.

At the same time, he made the necessary regular adjustments to the changing conditions, always with the aim of serving, responsibly, the Homeland, Hellenism and the citizens.

In its long journey, it implemented, with wisdom and courage, the great strategic choices for the country.

That is why, although it has always been far from lies, demagoguery and populism, the citizens, with their trust, have given it the highest percentage as well as the largest number of votes, in electoral contests.

It has emerged, cumulatively, as the first, as the most powerful political force in the country.

As the great and stable pillar of the political system.

We have the strong will of this political capital, led by Kyriakos Mitsotakis, to strengthen it and to use it in the service of the Homeland and all citizens.


In July 2019, the citizens again entrusted the governance of the country to New Democracy.

Since then, in about three years, we have successfully dealt with major, unexpected, multilevel crises.

Despite the unprecedented adversity, we honored the citizens’ vote, kept our pre-election commitments and implemented our program.

On the economic front, we have implemented a different and modern policy mix, based on a prudent fiscal policy, a prudent publishing strategy, the implementation of reforms and the stimulation of investment.

We managed, with hard and systematic effort, to keep the society upright and the economy functional, recording positive developments, such as:

The strong recovery.
Strengthening the competitiveness of the economy.
The permanent reduction of taxes and insurance contributions.
The significant decline in unemployment.
Supporting the disposable income of citizens.
The upgrade of Greece’s creditworthiness.
The repayment of the International Monetary Fund.
Of course, it is natural that the above achievements – and the positive prospects that they formed – “blur” due to the new, additional difficulties and challenges.

However, the strong foundations we have laid in recent years make us optimistic that the new crisis will not lead to irreversible situations.

It will hit, but it will not divert the economy.

As a Government, we are creating the financial possibilities for brave interventions and effective solutions.

As we have proved in practice, once again, this week.

This is how we effectively address today’s challenges, while setting – at the same time – visionary policies for tomorrow.

So that our country continues to progress!

In this context, we implement modern policies, modernize public administration, mobilize research and development, promote reforms.

Reforms, in terms of economic efficiency and social justice, aiming at the gradual transition to fiscal balance, the exit of the country from the regime of enhanced supervision, the rational use of available European funds, the acquisition of investment grade, the strengthening of the deterrent power stimulating liquidity in the real economy, utilizing public property, reducing economic inequalities.

All this will contribute to boosting the productivity and competitiveness of the economy, achieving high and sustainable growth, creating new jobs and boosting social cohesion.


The current situation is historic.

However, our Party, over time and steadily, has proved that it can respond successfully, protagonistically and substantially, to the historical challenges and missions.

So even now, despite the big “storms”, we will succeed again.

As we owe, we will drive the national boat to “calm seas”.

Strengthening the credibility of the political system.

And creating a new relationship of trust with young people, the future of our country.

New Democrats and New Democrats,

We complete the work of the 14th Congress with mental unity, political cohesion, a sense of responsibility, modesty and a prosperous morale.

All together, we assure Greek women and men that, faithful to our values ​​and principles, we will work – with our modern plan – to promote the interests of the nation, strengthen the homeland and enhance the well-being of all citizens. , next to every Greek woman, next to every Greek!

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