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There are two weeks left until the end of the lessons for the Lyceums. On Friday, May 20, the students of the three grades of both General and Vocational High Schools, day and evening, will go to school for the last time for this year and on Monday, May 23, the promotion and final exams begin. which will last until June 15.

In particular, the promotion exams of the students of the 3rd and 2nd grade of the Day and Evening GEL are held from Monday, May 23, 2022 to Wednesday, June 15, 2022, while the final exams of the students of the 3rd grade of the Day and Evening GEL are held. , are held from Monday 23 May 2022 to Tuesday 31 May 2022.

The Panhellenic Examinations will be held earlier this year than last year. For the students of GEL they are scheduled on June 3-10, while for the graduates of EPAL on June 2-17. The Special Courses will be examined on June 18-30.

The program of the promotional and graduation exams is defined by the Teachers’ Association and is announced to the students at least five days before the end of the courses.

The countdown to the end of the school year has begun in the Gymnasiums, with the last day of classes being May 30th. The exams at the High School will be held on June 1-15.

Primary and Kindergartens will close later, on June 15.

Debut of the Greek PISA

Meanwhile, on Wednesday, May 18, their “debut” are the diagnostic tests, or “Greek PISA”, in Modern Greek Language and Mathematics for 6,000 students in the 6th grade of primary schools and 6,000 in the third grade. Class of Gymnasiums.

The exams are mandatory, but the results will be collected anonymously and will not be counted in the students’ grades.

Panhellenic Examinations: Change in the calculation of the candidates’ points

For the first time, the weighting factors of the examined courses for the admission to the Higher Education were set by the HEIs themselves, a fact that may lead to differences in the calculation of the points.

This year the coefficients of weight per course examined nationwide were determined by a decision of the Senate of the relevant HEI for each School, Department or Introductory Direction of the Department. Given the fact that the weighting factors of courses, as set by the Institutions, in some cases differ between Schools, Departments or Introductory Directions of the same subject, there may be differences in the calculation of the candidates’ points.

The measure of the Minimum Admission Base (EBE) is maintained and the possibility of submitting two computer programs, one for the HEIs and one for the IEK.

The students of GEL will start the Panhellenic Games with the course of Modern Greek Language and Literature and of EPAL with Modern Greek.

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