The platform for the replacement of electrical appliances opens in early June


There is no question of implementing or not implementing government intervention in electricity market from July 1stofficial notification will be made in the EU, stressed Minister of Energy Costas Skrekas speaking on SKAI TV and Giorgos Avtias.

He added that the plan that the government will submit to the European Commission next week, identifies a new mechanismwhich disconnects its value electric power with natural gas, which is essentially responsible for the “explosion” in prices.

“There is no question of implementation or non-implementation. Will be applied. The adjustment clause will be suspended, consumer bills will be lower and that matters. Eventually come an account that has a price a value that is affordable “, stressed the Minister.

He added that Greece it can not eliminate a problem on its own but absorbs much of the increase in electricity. It absorbs 85% of the increase for main and non-main houses and 82% for 1,250,000 small and medium-sized businesses and 90-95% of farmers.

“From July 1, we are proceeding with a major institutional change. We basically put a ceiling on the wholesale and in addition to that we come and put with additional subsidies a ceiling on the retail as well. “As long as this mechanism works, the implementation of the adjustment clause is suspended”, he noted.

Subsidy for replacement of electrical appliances

THE Minister of Energy stressed that in the first days of Junewill open the electronic platform for the program “Recycle – Change Device” in which 350,000 households will join. It concerns the replacement of old energy consuming appliances and more specifically air conditioners, refrigerators and freezers with new ones. The old devices will have to work, while the subsidy will range from 35% to 50% depending on the income of the subsidized.

There is no ceiling or limit, the subsidy simply has to do with the income, so the bigger the subsidy decreases and the weaker, the subsidy increases “.

If the participation is large and the applications exceed 350,000, Mr. Skrekas stressed that the government will seek additional resources so that the rest can change their devices.


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