Schiphol crowds appear to be under control this weekend due to several factors


The crowds at Schiphol due to the May holidays have so far not caused any problems on Saturday or Sunday. This is what an airport spokesperson told on Sunday. Additional staff, fewer passengers and rescheduled flights helped to manage the situation at the airport. However, passengers still have to count on longer waiting times.

Due to a staff shortage at various locations at Schiphol Airport and a wildcat strike by baggage staff, major problems arose at the airport at the start of the May holidays. For several days, flights were canceled and airlines had to divert to other airports. Last weekend, KLM canceled 47 flights due to crowds.

Like the other days of the May holidays, Schiphol will deploy office staff at the airport this weekend. Schiphol is also hiring employees from a security company to manage passenger flows in the departure hall and a roof has been made outside the departure hall so that people can queue more comfortably.

Travelers still have to take into account the long lines on Sunday, “but so far things are going well,” the spokesperson said. Pre-checking in and checking on the airline’s website how far in advance you need to be at the airport is most important, she points out. “So most travelers can probably leave today just fine.”

On Saturday, 57,000 travelers boarded the plane at Schiphol. On Sunday, 63,000 passengers will depart from the airport. Schiphol and the airlines have discussed the holiday crowds expected in recent days. Tour operator Corendon will divert three departing flights to Rotterdam The Hague Airport this weekend. TUI is moving two flights to Rotterdam Airport and Transavia one.

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