Former D-reizen owners receive 450,000 euros for the brand


The former owners of the bankrupt travel agency D-reizen finally receive 450,000 euros for the company’s trademark rights. They had already had a dispute over this with the curators of D-reizen.

Industry partner Prijsvrij had €500,000 for the brand when D-reizen restarted, but the previous owners thought it was worth €2 million.

In the latest bankruptcy report, the trustees write that they have taken steps to end all legal proceedings surrounding the matter. Of the 500,000 euros previously set aside, 450,000 euros will go to the former owners. The rest of the money goes to D-reizen’s estate.

D-reizen went bankrupt last April. Due to the corona crisis, the travel organization sold significantly fewer trips, which caused revenue to plummet.

In the months before the bankruptcy, the former owners obtained the right to sell the D-reizen brand if certain debts owed to them were not paid, which is called a lien. With this right in their hands, they wanted to sell the brand themselves for 2 million euros.

After the bankruptcy, the trustees declared that this lien was no longer valid at all after the bankruptcy. When the former owners refused to cooperate with the restart under the wings of Prijsvrij, the trustees initiated summary proceedings. The judge ruled in their favor and ordered the previous owners to cooperate with the restart.

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