More than one in 10 companies pay a higher hourly wage to women than to men


In 11% of companies last year, the average hourly wage of women was higher than that of men. This is apparent from a recent CBS publication on the labor market in 2021. Half of these companies belonged to the public administration and employment agency sectors.

The CBS survey of 2,700 companies shows that in 89% of companies, men earned more per hour on average. Only companies employing at least 100 men and 100 women were included.

The differences between them were great. For example, CBS points to a company where the average hourly wage for men was four times that of women. The other extreme was a workplace where women earned on average three times more per hour than men in the same company. At only one company, average hourly wages were equal, rounded to the nearest cent.

In 2010, there were even fewer companies paying women more per hour than men. At that time, only 6% of large companies believed that women were better off than men.

Last year, men earned an average of 25.84 euros gross per hour, while women earned 22.43 euros. If the gap is so large, it is also because men are overrepresented in professions with high hourly wages (more than 32 euros).

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