Odessa: Reports of new rocket attacks and explosions


New missile strikes in the area of ​​Odessa Russian forces reportedly carried out the attack on Sunday, according to reports in the Ukrainian media.

A video that has been “uploaded” on social media shows several columns of smoke rising in the air, while residents of the city confirm that the sirens sounded and heard many loud explosions in different places on the outskirts of the city.

According to information, one of the areas hit by the Russians with rockets is the suburb of Odessa, Archiz.

Russian forces fired missiles from Crimea at facilities repaired by Turkish dronesafter being hit by a warship and fighting with Ukrainian forces in the area around Fidonisi, in the Black Sea.

Vladimir Putin seems to have determined the next stage of the war in Ukrainein the Odessa region, in order to block the total secession of Ukraine from the sea and to proceed with the plan of dividing the country, including -as it is supposed- Transnistria, which is launching its independence from Moldova.

Video from a drone hitting a Russian Mi8 helicopter

Video from the moment Ukrainian drone hits missile and destroys Russian Mi8 helicopter released by Ukrainian forces.

The incident is said to have been recorded in its wider area Φιδονησίουwhile, as reported, none of the passengers survived.

Note that on Saturday, the Russian Ministry of Defense had announced the destruction of Ukrainian planes and helicopters, including Mi8.

Watch the video:

Source: skai.gr

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