Putin’s Debt to Kim Jong Un – Heavy Weapons and Nuclear Threats


By Miltos Sakellaris

The war in Ukraine came at the right time for North Korea. It came at a time when the United States wanted the United Nations to punish Kim Jong Un and to her impose more sanctions for ballistic missile tests. Today, the North Korean president can use the “paper»His excellent relationship with President Vladimir Putin to demand that no sanctions be imposed. But how dangerous is this “paper” of the Korean president? And how much can it affect international relations?

The meeting of the two leaders and the prehistory of relations

It was April 25, 2019 when the two presidents met at Vladivostok. From then until today the mutual support is huge. North Korea has said it supports an invasion of Ukraine. Today, according to international analyzes, it seems that it is time o Putin to pay off his “debt” to Kim Jong Un by providing him with heavy weapons. Top priority for North Korea is to repair and / or to replace all MiGs and other fighter, bomber and transport aircraft inherited by Kim’s grandfather, founder of the Kim Il Sung Dynasty, from the Soviet regime after the North Korean invasion of South Korea in June 1950.

The dissolution of the Soviet empire in 1991 ended the flow of aid from the former USSR to North Korea. The most immediate result was that Russia has stopped accepting the North Korean currency as payment for a wide range of goods desperately needed to support the poor North Korean economy. North Korea quickly plunged into extreme poverty, resulting in 2 million people dying of either starvation or disease, mainly in the 1990s.

Some might argue – then and now – how North Korea has suffered the worst because of Russia’s refusal to provide weapons to the regime as well as factory machinery, which were soon forced to close. Kim Il Sung died at the height of the crisis in 1994, escaping responsibility for his citizens’ hunger, while hundreds of thousands were tortured, executed or sentenced to “gulag»Which he had established in the forbidden, cold, mountainous northern region of his country. His son, Kim Jong Il, was just as tough during a reign that ended with his death in December 2011 and the rise of third-generation heir Kim Jong Un to power.

With the “Kim Dynasty” stronger than ever, and the country still sinking deeper and deeper into poverty, Vladimir Putin must restore relations to where they were before the collapse of the Soviet empire. As a sign of … gratitude for Kim’s support, it is probable that possibly to send food and other goods to North Koreaa, while it is estimated that it can also help the Korean People’s Army of 1.2 million people.

Common threats to the use of nuclear weapons

Both Vladimir Putin and the Korean president have from time to time threaten to use nuclear weapons. While Putin brags about the power of “its nuclear forcesKim said almost the same thing in a speech on April 25 in Kim Il Sung Square to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Korean People’s Army.

Its own nuclear forces must “enhanced both in quality and scale so that they can perform in any state of war“, According to the official English version released by the Korean Central News Agency in Pyongyang. The scariest thing is that the North Korean president said he thinks that Nuclear power must be used not just as a “deterrent” but “when a situation arises that we do not want at all on this earth». Nuclear power may be needed “for the decisive completion of an unexpected second mission“, He said, that is, if they are violated”fundamental interests». In other words, any pretext can be … used.

There is no doubt that Kim has his nuclear weapons in his hand. North Korea is estimated to have built at least 60 heads, while producing more of them at its main nuclear facility in Yongbyon, about 60 miles north of Pyongyang, and in underground facilities elsewhere. Kim ordered the sixth, most recent, nuclear test in the North in September 2017 and is expected to perform a seventh test, which is high enough on the list of what he wants to do in the near future.

Source: skai.gr

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