Parade with aircraft in “Z” formation in the Red Square


May 9, 2021 … Eight decades after the nightmare of World War II, the planet is preparing to celebrate the great victory of the free world against Nazi Germany, with the shadow of a new war covering everything and restoring all the demons of one era that we wanted to forget – the older generations – and not to live the younger ones.

On Monday, Victory Day is celebrated in Moscow and in the other capitals of the world, with Russia, the force that led 80 years ago in the victory over the Axis, showing that it is on the other side of the river, in the role of the invader, the conqueror, the murderer. The invasion of Ukraine is a dramatic event, but also a huge danger that the Aeolian Bag will open and the whole world will be involved in a new catastrophic world war.

Now, in the 21st century, the risk of a Third World War is greater than ever. The whole world will watch Vladimir Putin’s sermon on Monday, while in the Red Square parade, the Greek letter “Z”, the Greek letter symbolizing “operations in Ukraine”, will be formed in the sky by warplanes. The leaks of the previous days do not leave much room for optimism to prevail. If they are confirmed, if the Russian president threatens the West with “worldly consequences” and if his plan for a strong Russia goes so far as to “justify” a generalized war with NATO countries, then the risk of changing the world, the reality in a minimum of time, will be more than important.

Berlin warns as clearly as it can. The world must not underestimate the danger of an escalation, that is, of a generalized war, or even of the destructive use of nuclear weapons for humanity. Chancellor Olaf Soltz dramatic in his speech. The danger is real and anyone who tries to ignore it is making a historic and crucial mistake.

More than 11,000 soldiers and missile systems in Red Square

As reported by DW, in the heart of Moscow 11,000 soldiers will parade and armored tanks and missiles. At the same time, Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin, as commander-in-chief of the Russian Armed Forces, has launched an offensive against Ukraine, the outcome of which is uncertain. Today’s bloodshed tarnishes the image of the victorious force of 1945.

Ever since the Russian army invaded the neighboring country on February 24, photos of disasters, bombings against civilians and infrastructure have been circulating around the world. Germany, like many other countries, accuses Russia of committing war crimes. Western diplomats or heads of state who once stood next to Putin will be absent from the podium this time. It is inconceivable this year, at a time when Russian fighter jets are flying over Ukraine and warships are sailing, to celebrate the anniversary in the same way.

In the sky above Red Square, on the day of the parade, eight Russian fighter jets will form the letter “Z”, the symbol for the “military special operation”. Anyone in Russia who publicly criticizes the invasion or even speaks of war is prosecuted. Thousands of arrests have already been made. Criticism of military action can be punished by imprisonment.

Also in many other cities there will be military parades on Monday and hundreds of thousands of spectators are expected. In Moscow, according to the Ministry of Defense, will be presented Iskander missiles used against Ukraine, as well as T-14 tanks, S-400, Buk-M3 and Tor-M2 anti-aircraft systems, Uranium-9 robots and intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Putin, who for the first time in 20 years is in power and is likely to put the nuclear arsenal on high alert, is expected to warn the United States and NATO once again of possible attacks on Russia in his speech at the parade. .

The dramatic sermon of Olaf Solz

“Vladimir Putin wants to subjugate Ukraine, to destroy its culture and identity,” he said. Chancellor Olaf Soltzstressing once again that “a dictated peace will not be accepted”, while expressing confidence that Ukraine would win the war, but also expressing concern about the danger of its escalation.

Celebrating the 77th anniversary of the end of World War II and the capitulation of Germany in a televised address later tonight, the chancellor explains and defends his policy on Russia. “World War II claimed more than 60 million lives. The Germans committed this crime against humanity. It is even more painful to experience that today, 77 years after the end of the War, brutal violence is once again breaking the law in the heart of Europe, that the Russian army is killing men, women and children in Ukraine, turning cities into ruins and attacking. even to those trying to escape “Mr. Solts states in his message, according to a pre-publication of excerpts from his statement.

This year, he emphasizes, May 8th is unlike any other previous anniversary. “In recent years, Germany has fought for reconciliation with the Ukrainians and the Russians, two peoples who at the time fought together to defeat the murderous German National Socialism,” Olaf Solz said. Russian President Vladimir Putin “It wants to subjugate Ukraine, to destroy its culture and its identity.”

The central German slogan for Nazism (“Never again!”) In the current situation can only mean that we stand for justice and freedom on the side of those who are under attack and we support Ukraine in its fight against the aggressor, the chancellor underlined in the sermon. of. “Germany is helping to end the violence. There must be no peace dictated by Russia. “Ukrainians will not accept it – neither will we,” he said. “Ukraine will win the war, freedom and security will triumph – just as freedom and security triumphed 77 years ago over freedom, violence and dictatorship.” To contribute to it in the best possible way means “never again!” and there is the legacy of May 8, the chancellor adds emphatically.

In his speech, Olaf Solz also referred to the supply of weapons to Ukraine and the sanctions imposed by the European Union against Russia, while thank the Germans for their willingness to welcome Ukrainian refugees. However, he also expressed concern about the dangers of escalating the war and warned: “It would be a mistake for us not to take this into account.” At the same time, however, he notes, “we should not be paralyzed by fear” and recalls that he has vowed to prevent evil for the German people. One of the lessons of May 8 is that there should be no more world wars, he mentions and speaks of four principles that must be observed: “Germany is not allowed to dare alone. German defense capability must be maintained. The German government will do nothing to harm Germany and its allies more than Russia. “The German government will not take a decision that could turn NATO into a war zone.”

The German chancellor also describes the fact that Vladimir Putin identifies his aggressive war with the struggle against National Socialism as “falsification of history and slander.”


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