Ukraine: 60 Missing at Bilohorivka School Probably Dead


Fears that it is dead and sixty people ignored after bombing of a school where they had taken refuge, in its periphery Luhansksaid Governor Serhi Gaidai.

The village of Bilohorivka was targeted by airstrikes, “the bombs hit the school and, unfortunately, it was completely destroyed,” the governor told the Telegram. A total of 90 people had taken refuge in the building and 27 of them were rescued.

“Sixty people inside the school are probably dead,” he said, adding that the temperature was very high after the bomb exploded. “It was impossible for rescuers to work there during the night because of the injuries. “They would need to light up the area, which would attract new bombings.”

The governor clarified that the rescue teams are continuing their work while other rescuers went to the neighboring village of Tsepilifka, where a shell hit a house where 11 people were. “There are more chances of them surviving,” he said. As he explained, the people were in the basement and the house was hit by an artillery shell and not by an airplane bomb.

“I am deeply shocked by the news of a hit at an educational institution in Bilohorivka, Luhansk Oblast, in eastern Ukraine, where about 90 people were seeking refuge,” said Amin Owen, the UN συν Ukraine Crisis Coordinator. . This attack “is another barbaric reminder of the brutality of this war,” he added.

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