“The era of peace has just begun”


His visit is more than symbolic Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Marat Kushnulin in the martyr city of Mariupol, 24 hours before the big parade in the Red Square, in Moscow and the pivotal – and for modern events, as everything shows – date of May 9th.

The presence of such a high-ranking official in Mariupol, on the one hand, spreads the message around the world that the city is now in full possession of Russia and on the other hand highlights Moscow’s intentions for the next day, ie the consolidation of its interests in the region.

“I visited the liberated areas Donetsk and Lugansk. I visited them Mariupol, Volovyanka, Lugansk and other cities and I talked to the locals. The era of peace in these areas has begun. We want a lot of work and we will help. If necessary, we will do what we can to help deal with the humanitarian crisis. “said Kushnulin from Mariupol.

Source: skai.gr

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