The 60 missing at the school that was bombed are probably dead


Fears that all 60 people are dead ignored after bombing of a school where they had taken refuge, in the Lugansk region, said Governor Serhi Gaidai.

The village Bilohorivka became the target of airstrikes, “the bombs hit the school and, unfortunately, it was completely destroyed“, The governor told Telegram. They had found shelter in the building as a whole 90 people and 27 of them were saved.

«60 people inside the school are probably deadHe added, explaining that the temperature was very high after the explosion caused by the bomb.

«It was impossible for rescuers to work there at night due to the injuries. They would need to light up the area, which would attract new bombing“, he said.

The governor clarified that the rescue teams are continuing their work, while other rescuers went to the neighboring village Tsepilifkawhere a shell hit one house in which 11 people were. «“They are more likely to have survived there.” “As he explained, the people were in the basement and the house was hit by an artillery shell and not by an airplane bomb.” pointed out.

«I’m deeply shocked by reports of a hit at an educational institution in Bilohorivka, Luhansk Oblast, in eastern Ukraine, where about 90 people were seeking refuge.Said in a statement the UN coordinator for the crisis in Ukraine, Amin Awad. This attack “is another barbaric reminder of the brutality of this war“, He added.

Source: ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ

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