Bono-surprise concert in the Kiev metro


The Irishman rock star Bono and the guitarist of the band U2 The Edge they sang for freedom in a 40 minute concert they gave today to one Kyiv metro station, They prayed for peace and praised the Ukrainians for their fight against Russia.

The 61-year-old star performed classic songs of the band, such as Sunday Bloody Sunday, Desire and With or without you.

“You in Ukraine are not only fighting for your own freedom but also for all of us who love freedom,” he told viewers.

The singer also referred to the riots that took place in the past in his hometown, Ireland and the problems that the country was facing towards a much stronger neighbor. “We pray that you, too, will soon be able to enjoy a part of this peace,” he added.

Bono, who often raises his voice in defense of everything from fighting poverty to AIDS, made a surprise appearance while the Ukrainian capital sounded sirens and fighting continued in the eastern part of the country.

“Tonight, May 8, the fire will resound in the Ukrainian sky, but you will finally be free. “They can take your life, but they never take your pride,” he told the crowd.

At one point, Bono invited a Ukrainian soldier to sing with him and asked everyone to support the country by singing Stand by me.

Among the about 100 spectators at the Khrestsatik station were several members of the Ukrainian armed forces. “It’s a nice feeling, that’s all,” said one volunteer soldier.

“I feel weird, like I was a first grader,” 36-year-old university professor Alessia Besmertna said before the concert.

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