Russia “forgot everything that was important to the winners” in 1945


“Russia has forgotten everything that was important to the victors of World War II,” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky denounced on Sunday, the eve of today’s anniversary of Russia’s victory over Nazi Germany.

Mr Zelensky condemned in his speech the “heavy bombardment” of many parts of Ukraine, including the one that caused the deaths of 60 civilians in a school that had been turned into a shelter in the eastern part of the country, “as if it were not May 8” today, as if it were not 9th tomorrow, when the key word for all normal people should be peace “.

“Ukraine and the free world remember that,” he said.

According to Zelensky, Ukraine “has shown that it is part of a free world and a united Europe” against isolated Moscow, which chooses “evil and hatred” and “the whole world will see it tomorrow.”

Today, the traditional military parade, a demonstration of Russian power in the midst of the invasion of Ukraine, is taking place in Moscow’s Red Square.

“The Russian army would not be itself if it did not kill,” Zelensky said in a statement, insisting that Saturday’s bombing of a school where dozens of civilians had taken refuge.


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