New sanctions against Russia


A new package of sanctions against Russia has been announced by the United Kingdom government, with tariffs on imports of Russian precious metals, as well as export bans on certain British products, to intensify financial pressure on Moscow to invade Ukraine.

According to the Guardian, the third wave of sanctions was announced by the Ministry of International Trade a few hours before the celebration. Victory Day of Russia on May 9.

The latest total fines 7 1.7 billion in Russia and neighboring Belarus – which has helped Moscow invade Ukraine and used it as a base of operations for Russian forces – are seeking to undermine Putin’s ability to finance the war.

The new sanctions package includes 1, 1.4 billion in tariffs that will affect imports of platinum, palladium and other products, including chemicals from Russia.

The international trade department says Russia’s heavily dependent on the United Kingdom for exports of its precious metals, which will be subject to at an additional duty of 35%.

The latest measures, announced by international trade minister Anne Marie Trevelian and finance minister Risi Sunak, raise the total value of Russian products subject to full or partial trade sanctions by Russia’s invasion of more than. 4 billion.


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