Colombian Cartel Responds to Arrest, Shuts Down Northern Regions


Golf Clan, Colombia’s largest drug cartel, is responding to the leader’s extradition to the United States last Thursday. Militias have been blocking roads for days, taking residents hostage in their homes and burning vehicles, writes The Guardian

They are Gulf Clan paramilitaries, who were led by Dairo Antonio ‘Otoniel’ Úsuga. Otoniel has a series of charges against him in the United States for drug trafficking. Colombia also accuses him of murder, kidnapping, sexual abuse of minors and terrorism.

Since his arrest, the north of Colombia has been ravaged by thousands of Otoniel’s accomplices in balaclavas and military uniforms. They erected roadblocks and stopped all traffic. People are no longer allowed to go out, not even to buy food.

A leaflet distributed by the terrorist group indicates that the attack will last four days. The cartel, which calls itself the Gaitanista Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (AGC), further writes that it cannot be held responsible for any consequences “which may be adverse”.

Colombian authorities responded to the violence by launching an “anti-terrorism” policy, aimed primarily at removing roadblocks. A police spokesman said on Friday that the police must use all their abilities and above all open the attack against these criminals.

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