Warns with veto if not exempt from EU embargo


Her government Of Bulgaria will not support the Sixth package of European Union sanctions on Russia if the Balkan country does not secure the its exception from the proposed embargo on Russian oil, said late yesterday Sunday Deputy Prime Minister of the Bulgarian Government Asen Vasilev.

The governments of 27 came a little closer to the agreement to impose even tougher sanctions on Russia over its invasion of Ukraine. They are planning new talks today to look at how they will be able to cope the countries that are most dependent from Russian oil exports.

“The talks will continue tomorrow and the day after tomorrow (today Monday and tomorrow Tuesday), a meeting of leaders may be needed to conclude. Our position is very clear. If there can be an exception for some of the countries, we want an exception too “said Mr. Vassilev on the public television network BNT.

Otherwise, “we will not support sanctions. “But I do not expect to get there, based on where the talks are at the moment.”

THE Hungarythe Slovakia and the Czech republicwhich depend to a large extent on the Russian crude, which reaches them through pipelines of the Soviet erawill find it difficult to find alternative sources of supply and ask to be exempted from the embargoas well as Bulgaria.

The European Commission on Friday proposed some modifications to the initially proposed embargo to give more time to the first countries, but no concessions were offered to Bulgaria, according to European sources.

However, Mr. Vassilev insisted that Sofia also needs an exceptionbecause its only refinery, in Burgasit takes time to upgrade to process other types of argon, besides Russian, especially in terms of the desulphurisation process.

The refinery in Burgas – belongs to the Russian Lukoil– is the main market supplier in the poorest country among the 27. Today, about half of the refined crude comes from Russia.

If it does not provide an exception, Bulgaria will face risks to the environment in Burgas and / or the refinery will be forced to reduce production, causing market shortages and further price increases, Vassilev argued.

Source: ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ

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