ENFIA: Countdown for liquidations


By Chrysostomos Tsoufis

It dawned ENFIA week as it is a matter of a few hours the posting of liquidations. AADE sources assured skai.gr that the liquidations will be posted no later than Tuesday.

Despite the increase in fair values, the financial staff “substantially redesigned the tax” with changes in the scales and rates but also the abolition of the additional tax on natural persons and its integration into the main tax. Result; An additional tax of € 354m “lighter” than last year with big winners those who have properties in areas with an objective zone price from 1000 € to 2,500 € and those who have many properties of low value each.

The government has committed that 8/10 property ownersie more than 5 million, will pay reduced tax up to 40%.

About 900,000 owners, 14%, will not see any change and just the 6%, ie 350,000, will have increases with big losers who own real estate in areas that have now entered the objective value system and until now did not even pay tax. However, according to YPOIK, half of those who see increases in their liquidation will not have a charge greater than € 50.

For the reduction of the tax by 50% or the complete exemption from it, 2020 revenues will apply, that is, those that were declared with last year’s tax returns as the submission of this year’s returns has not yet been completed. This means that about 1.2 million owners with incomes from up to € 9,000 for the unmarried up to € 12,000 for married with 2 children, building area up to 150 sq.m. and objective value up to € 85,000 for the unmarried up to € 200,000 for married with 2 children will pay half ENFIA. Three children, many children and people with disabilities over 80% with an annual income of up to 12,000 € for singles and up to 15,000 € for married with 2 children and a building area of ​​up to 150 sq.m. are exempt from ENFIA.

At the same time, the tax deductions that apply regardless of income have been expanded. 30% for property up to € 100,000, 25% for property from € 100,001 to € 150,000, 20% for property from € 150,001 to € 250,000, 15% for property from € 250,001 to € 300,000 and 10% for property from € 300,001 to € 400,000 €

In the new statements, each owner will be able to see the value of his property after the adjustment of the fair values ​​and the discounts he is entitled to or the increases that are charged to him. This year ENFIA will be repaid in 10 monthly installments starting from the end of May. Any lump sum payment does not imply a deduction as is the case with income tax.

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