Electric mopeds and mopeds remain in demand


Electric mopeds and mopeds remain popular and sales peaked in the first four months of this year. This is apparent from figures from the RAI association, BOVAG and the RDC data center.

In the first four months, the share of electric in newly sold mopeds has increased to more than 50%, compared to 30.8% in the same period in 2021. 43.5% of all new moped sales are now electric. In total, the share of electric scooters (mopeds and light mopeds) this year is 46.7%, compared to 33.9% in the first four months of 2021.

The need for travelers to move quickly remains high and this is increasingly happening on an electric moped or moped. Over the whole of 2022, the share of electric in new moped registrations was 50% for the first time, good for 5,216 units compared to 1,692 units in 2021.

The electric share of moped sales is 43.5% (4,495 units). BOVAG and the RAI Association are pleased that consumers and entrepreneurs are increasingly choosing to travel quickly and without emissions over short and medium distances.

According to the RAI and BOVAG association, manufacturers have invested a lot in recent years in expanding the range of electric scooters. It’s hard to say how much rising fuel prices will affect sales, but according to interest groups, it certainly won’t hinder the transition.

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