Last month more than a quarter more businesses shut down than a year ago


In April, 12,109 businesses went out of business. This is 27% more than a year earlier. This is the second month in a row that the number of dropouts has increased. There were very few real bankruptcies. This is apparent from figures from the Chamber of Commerce (KvK) on Monday.

The number of companies that stopped last month was therefore almost a quarter higher than in April last year. These are businesses that shut themselves down. The number of bankruptcies was very low in April: only 94 companies went bankrupt.

Josette Dijkhuizen, who specializes in entrepreneurship at Tilburg University, believes that the low number of bankruptcies is due to the fact that many struggling companies do not want to wait until they go bankrupt and therefore decide to close themselves. even earlier.

It’s no surprise that many businesses are struggling. Closures have hurt many entrepreneurs in recent years. But thanks to the extensive corona support program and the postponement of, for example, the payment of taxes, many were able to survive. Now that this package has been removed and many entrepreneurs still have to pay taxes, businesses are struggling.

Many starters in catering and culture

Last month, 19,973 entrepreneurs started their own business. This was slightly less than the same month a year ago. Sectors in which many businesses have started include hospitality, culture, and sports and recreation.

“Entrepreneurs in these sectors see their opportunity to benefit from the opening of the sector to the public,” says Dijkhuizen. “Also, there is confidence that the pandemic is now really over. That’s probably what we’re seeing in the numbers.”

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