Nigeria: 48 dead in new attacks on villages


At least 48 people have been killed in gun attacks on three villages in northwestern Nigeria’s Zamfara state, a local official and a resident told AFP on Sunday..

The attacks added to the endless list of similar acts of thugs, the so-called bandits, who have been terrorizing central and northwestern Nigeria for years, committing animal theft, looting, kidnapping for ransom and murder.

A total of “48 people were killed by gunmen in the three villages (Damri, Sampon Garin and Kalahe” in the attacks “on Friday afternoon”, said Aminou Suleiman, an official in Bakura district, confirming the report given by a resident.

The village of Damri suffered the heaviest blow: there the abusers killed 32 people, including 2 policemen. They attacked “a hospital, killed patients and burned a police vehicle, killing two members of the security forces,” he said.

The army, which was alerted and deployed in the area, forced the perpetrators of the attacks to flee, according to the same source.

Dambri resident Abubakar Maigoro gave the same account. “We buried 48 people who were killed in the attacks,” he said.

“The arrival of the soldiers forced the criminals to withdraw, leaving behind cattle and looted food.”

Criticizing his inability to address the country’s security problems, President Muhammadu Buhari called on the security forces to “do everything possible to end these horrific massacres immediately,” adding that the “rural population in Zamfara and elsewhere has a right to to live peacefully “.

Despite military operations and amnesties announced by authorities, attacks have multiplied in northwestern and central parts of Africa’s most populous country.

In the last two months alone, gangs have set up ambushes using explosives to derail a train from the capital Abuja and abduct dozens of passengers, killing more than 100 villagers, slaughtering more than 10 members of a paramilitary group …

In early January, more than 200 villagers were killed in Zamfara.

According to the non-governmental organization ACLED, gangs killed more than 2,600 civilians in 2021, a number that has increased by 250% compared to 2020.

The gangs, now described by authorities as “terrorist” organizations since early 2022, have strongholds in the vast Rugo Forest, which stretches across the states of Zamfara, Cantuna, Katsina and Niger.

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