Russia’s high-precision ammunition is depleted


Russia’s invasion of Ukraine revealed shortcomings in its capacity to carry out precision-scale strikes, the UK Department of Defense announced this morning in its latest update.

At the start of its invasion of Ukraine, Russia was touting its ability to carry out surgical strikes and limit collateral damage. He therefore stated that Ukrainian cities would therefore be safe from bombing.

However, London stresses that while the conflict continues despite Russian pre-war expectations, Russia’s stockpile of high-precision ammunition is likely has been largely exhausted.

This has led to the use of readily available but obsolete ammunition that is less reliable, less accurate, and more easily intercepted. “Russia will probably have a hard time replacing the precision weapons it has already used,” it said.

According to the British Ministry of Defense, “Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has revealed shortcomings in its ability to strike precision-scale strikes. “Russia has subjected Ukrainian towns and cities to intense and indiscriminate bombardment with little or no interest in civilian casualties.”

Russia’s stockpile of high-precision munitions is depleted and more likely to depend on unguided bombs and post-war artillery, the Pentagon said late last month.


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