Chinese children are no longer allowed to watch live streams after 10 p.m.


Children in China no longer allowed to watch live streams after 10 p.m., news agency reports Reuters† This is a tightening of the strict policy that China has had for some time in the gaming and streaming market.

Chinese live streaming platforms need to be stricter on how minors use it. For example, it should become impossible to watch videos after 10 p.m. with child accounts that have parental controls activated. With these accounts, streams should automatically go black after this time.

Platforms must also ensure that minors can no longer tip live streamers. In addition, children are only allowed to livestream with their parents’ permission, reports China’s radio and television regulator.

China announced last month that it wanted to bring order to the “online chaos” of live streams and video services. It was also announced that only games that have been approved by the government can be streamed. It is illegal for minors in China to gamble online for more than three hours per week.

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