Australia: Early voting begins


Early voting began in Australia two weeks before election day, with opinion polls showing the center-left Labor Party widening its lead as Prime Minister Scott Morrison saw a drop in turnout.

The pressure of economic cost of living, national security, but also climate change are the issues that dominate the election campaign, while a poll conducted by the newspaper “The Australian” based on the preferences between the two parties, showed that the Labor Party leads with 54% against 46% against the coalition government of the Liberal Party and the National Party, led by Morrison

Morrison’s approval rating fell to 44%, according to opinion polls, ahead of opposition leader Anthony Albanese, who rose three percentage points to 42%.

Early voting began in Australia a day after a televised debate between Morrison and Albanese. The two electoral rivals at times raised their voices to each other, making it difficult to conduct the debate, but also to promote their central pre-election messages.

“Scott Morrison had nothing to say but to raise his voice. “All he had was mud, smiling smugly throughout the conversation,” Albanese told reporters today.

Women voters turned to the Labor Party, as they believe Labor can better manage the worsening cost of living pressures, according to the same poll. Rising inflation forced the central bank to raise interest rates last week.

If the government’s reduced percentage is confirmed in the May 21 elections, the Labor Party will be able to form an autonomous government, according to a survey of the financial edition of the same newspaper. This survey highlighted the rising cost of living as the most important issue for voters. The coalition government has a majority of one seat in the lower house of parliament.

Millions of Australians are expected to vote in the next two weeks in the approximately 500 polling stations set up for early voting across the country.

About 40% of the electorate had voted earlier or by ballot in the last election.

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