US: Joe Biden to unveil plan to fight inflation tomorrow


US President Joe Biden will stress tomorrow in his statements on the contradiction between his initiatives for the course of the American economy and the plans of the Republicans.

The focus of the US president’s statements will be on inflation, said a White House official.

Democrat Biden is facing low turnout in the run-up to congressional midterm elections in November, and has escalated his anti-Republican rhetoric in recent weeks, dismissing the former U.S. president for example. Trump (Make America Great Again-MAGA) as an extreme.

Biden will present his plan to fight inflation tomorrow “and contrast his approach with that of the Republicans in Congress for an extreme plan, regarding the increase of taxes for 75 million families in the USA, but also for the threat of cessation the operation of programs such as social security, access to health services, but also low-cost access to medicines, “said the same official.

Last week, Biden criticized Republican Sen. Rick Scott’s financial program, saying he would raise taxes on 75 million Americans, most of whom have incomes in excess of $ 100,000 a year. Scott, for his part, has said he plans to cut taxes while leading Republicans’ efforts to secure a strong parliamentary presence in the Senate.

source: ΑΠΕ

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