New gas field discovery in Israel


The discovery of a commercially exploitable deposit natural gas8 billion cubic meters in water depth of 1769 meters in the sea of ​​Israel announced the Energean.

The discovery was made by research drilling “Athena” in a new area that the company has named “Olympus area».

Energean announced that it is evaluating all the development prospects for the commercial development of the wider “Olympus Area”, as well as further sales of natural gas in its market. Israelor exports to Egypt and other regional and European markets through pipelines and LNG through Cyprus and / or Egypt.

Mathios Rigas, CEO of the Energean group, stated in this regard:

We are happy to announce this new discovery of natural gas in “Athena” and the potential of the wider “Olympus Region”. , which include the Israeli domestic market and exports.

The discovery of “Athena” and the elimination of the risk for a number of targets in the wider “Olympus Area” confirms the role of the Eastern Mediterranean as a center of global interest in the search for natural gas. In addition, it strengthens our commitment to competition and enhance security in the region ‘s gas supply, optimizes our portfolio in Israel and implements one of Energean’ s milestones for 2022 “.


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