No major announcements in Putin’s Victory Day speech


Russian President Vladimir Putin made no major announcement Monday morning during his Victory Day speech, the day Russia annually celebrates its victory over the Nazis in World War II.

There was a lot of speculation beforehand about how the Kremlin would use the holiday to promote its invasion of Ukraine. For example, experts believed that Putin could declare victory in Mariupol or declare war on Ukraine.

But such explanations did not come. Putin repeated some of his baseless arguments to justify the invasion of Ukraine. For example, he said that the West was planning an invasion of Russia, including an invasion of the Crimean peninsula annexed by Russia in 2014. Putin also said, among other things, that NATO is a threat to the borders of Russia.

The Russian president also spoke directly to Russian troops fighting in the Donets Basin in eastern Ukraine.

Military parade with B-garnish vehicles

According to tradition, Putin’s speech, which lasted just under 10 minutes, was followed by a military parade. Thousands of soldiers marched in Red Square. Military vehicles, weapons and fighter jets were also on display. The air show has been canceled. The weather was not good enough for that, according to the Russian authorities.

This year’s parade featured almost 35% fewer vehicles than last year, according to Russian documents last week, which were in the hands of, among others, Forbes† A large part of the weapons transported could be considered military equipment B.

Festivities are also taking place on Monday in other Russian cities to celebrate Victory Day. According to the Kremlin, parades are held in 28 locations. A total of 65,000 people take part, as well as 2,400 pieces of military equipment and 400 aircraft.

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