Tax authorities received more reports than expected


9.5 million people filed tax returns for the last year between March and May, tax authorities reported on Monday. This is a little more than the 9.4 million on which the tax authorities were counting. The tax and customs administration has already sent the first final assessments, which is earlier than in other years.

This year, the tax authorities sent 8.3 million Dutch people a request to file their tax return, but every year people also spontaneously file a tax return. The service expected to receive 9.4 million requests this year, but that has grown to nearly 9.5 million.

“The tax reporting period has gone according to plan,” said State Secretary Marnix van Rij (Tax and Tax Administration).

“We know it’s hard work for some, but luckily we’ve been able to help thousands of people with their reporting. People have also been able to contact social agencies such as libraries and unions and unions for the elderly and I want to thank them for that.” More than 30,000 Dutch people have called the tax authorities for help with filing.

For the first time, the tax and customs administration started at the end of April with the sending of final assessments to people who filed the tax return before April 1. This is earlier than previous years. On this assessment, people see how much they have to pay or recover.

Problems around square 3 cause delays

Anyone who is required to file a statement in box 3, which includes income from savings or investments, will receive a final assessment from August. The firm was reprimanded for this by the Supreme Court.

She found that some people paid too much tax because the assessment was based on a fictitious return. This is why the government must look for a new way to calculate the taxes on these investments.

People who filed a tax return before May 1 and are therefore awaiting a refund this year will receive an interim tax. After that, part will be refunded in July. Later, they will receive a final assessment, “taking into account the Supreme Court ruling”. Exactly what that looks like will likely become clear later this month.

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