Thessaloniki: 22-year-old killed his father while he was sleeping


At night, when the 46-year-old had fallen asleep, his 22-year-old son allegedly killed him, putting an end to the tense relationship that father and son had had for a long time. A few hours after the revelation of the family tragedy, in a Roma settlement in Diavata, Thessaloniki, the 22-year-old voluntarily surrendered to the police authorities, where he confessed to his act.

He allegedly referred to serious family problems that pushed him into practice. He was prosecuted for manslaughter, illegal possession of weapons and use of weapons, while he was referred to apologize to the 5th regular investigator in Thessaloniki, from whom he received a deadline and remains in custody.

The crime was allegedly committed in the early hours of Sunday, while another quarrel had preceded between father and son. The latter is accused of shooting and wounding the 46-year-old with a shotgun.

According to the forensic findings, the victim suffered a fatal wound to the back of his head.

source: ΑΠΕ

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