Moscow’s precision-guided missiles are depleted, says Britain


London: Thanasis Gavos

The British Ministry of Defense states in the morning information on the developments in Ukraine that the indiscriminate bombing of cities and civilians by the Russians is also due to the exhaustion of the directed precision-guided missiles in their arsenal.

In particular, it is stressed that at the beginning of the invasion the Russians had publicly demonstrated their ability to conduct “surgical strikes” by limiting collateral losses. Therefore, Ukrainian cities would be safe from bombing.

“Nevertheless, as the conflict continues beyond Russian pre-war expectations, Russia’s stockpile of precision-guided munitions is likely to be severely depleted,” the statement said.

As a result, the Russians have been forced to use immediately available but increasingly older ammunition that is less reliable, less accurate and easier to intercept. “Russia will probably have a hard time replacing the precision weapons it has already spent,” the statement added.

The British Ministry of Defense concludes by noting that the invasion of Ukraine has revealed shortcomings in Russia’s ability to deliver precision-scale strikes, as well as that “Russia has subjected Ukrainian cities to intense and indiscriminate bombardment with little or no concern for civilian casualties.”


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