Belarus has no moral right not to support Russia


“Belarus has no moral right not to support Russia “said the President of the country on Monday, on the Victory Day against Nazism Alexander Lukashenko.

The President of Belarus essentially insisted on the rhetoric of his Russian counterpart that there is a need for “de-Naziization” of Ukraine.

“And in my worst dream“It was impossible to imagine that in this fraternal country, which miraculously survived under the boot of the fascist occupiers, Nazism would raise its head again,” he said.

The West was preparing to invade our land, Russia gave a “precautionary response” to the invasion of Ukraine, it was a forced, timely and correct decision, he claimed. Vladimir Putin during his speech at the Red Square parade in Moscow on Victory Day.

Referring to the developments with Ukraine, he claimed that “the West was preparing for an invasion of our territories, including Crimea. NATO posed threats to our borders. “The West did not want to listen to Russia, they had other plans.”

We will not concede spark of the earth emphasizes us in his message for this year Victory Day, the Volodymyr Zelensky. Walking in the deserted streets of Kiev, in a video, the President of Ukraine, among other things, states that “we will not allow anyone to appropriate this victory. “Our enemy dreamed that we would deny May 9 and the victory over Nazism in order to have a hope that the word ‘de-Nazism’ would be believed.”

“I have no doubt that we will win (…) we will win because this is our land and we are fighting for our freedom,” Zelenski underlined in the video.


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