Lidl finds it “inappropriate” to make an advertising campaign around the World Cup in Qatar


Lidl will not run a major advertising campaign around the World Cup in Qatar this year. The company confirms this after reporting The Financial Times DF† The supermarket chain deems it inappropriate to set up a large campaign due to a “sum of factors”.

A spokesperson for the supermarket chain emphasizes the company’s social role. “Given the situation in the world, we did not think it was appropriate to set up a major campaign,” a spokesperson told on Monday.

During major football tournaments, supermarkets spend a lot of money on advertising campaigns. Last year, for example, Lidl spent 6 million euros around the European Football Championship and the sports summer. Customers could then save for a “fluo-orange outfit” and could choose, among other things, a t-shirt, socks, a hat or leggings.

ING, the main sponsor of the Dutch national team, already announced last month that it would not travel with Orange to Qatar due to the human rights situation there. Other Orange sponsors such as KPN, Albert Heijn, Bitvavo and the Dutch Lottery also do not use the option to get tickets for Orange matches.

Albert Heijn had previously indicated that he was still thinking about setting up the advertising campaign around the World Cup. Of all the supermarket chains, Jumbo spent the most money on advertising around the European Championship last year. The chain has reserved 20 million euros for him. Jumbo was unable to comment on Monday morning and supermarket chain PLUS could not be reached for comment.

The human rights situation in Qatar has been under fire for some time. In early April, an Amnesty report revealed that security guards in Qatar were working in conditions approaching forced labor. A new law aimed at counteracting this seems to have little effect. Thousands of migrant workers have also died on the job ahead of the World Cup.

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