May holiday crowds at Schiphol are over, but will stay busy until summer


The sometimes problematic crowds at Schiphol have come to an end with the end of the May holidays, but the airport remains busy due to a shortage of staff and many travellers. That’s what a Schiphol spokesperson told on Monday. Travelers still sometimes have to queue longer at peak times, and this is expected to remain so for the foreseeable future.

Due to a staff shortage at various locations at Schiphol Airport and a wildcat strike by baggage staff, major problems arose at Schiphol at the start of the May holidays. Several flights have been canceled and airlines have moved to other airports. Two weekends ago, KLM canceled 47 flights due to crowds. Last weekend, Schiphol brought the crowds at the airport under control.

The May holidays can be seen as the start of a busier period for Schiphol, the spokesperson explains. Until the summer holidays, there will be days when it will be too crowded at the airport, which means that measures are necessary. It’s impossible to say exactly when that will be, according to Schiphol. “Much depends on the number of trips booked,” the spokesperson said.

Crowds and issues during the May holiday will be assessed in the coming period. Lessons will then be learned, so that what went wrong during the May holidays does not happen again, specifies the spokesperson. He can’t say exactly what that means. “It’s just too early for that now.”

What Schiphol will certainly do is attract new employees. The company was already working there before the May holidays. “We already know that we cannot solve the shortage before the summer holidays. So even then we will suffer from a shortage of staff and the consequences that has at the airport.”

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