Russian TV guides showed anti-war messages ahead of Putin’s speech


Digital TV guides from Russian TV providers were hacked on Monday morning, Russian news agency Interfax reported. This happened before Russian President Putin gave his speech. Vendor customers share photos showing how TV guides display anti-war messages instead of programming.

According to the news agency, it seems that Service TV has been hacked. This service transmits television programming to pay channel providers. Television providers MTS, NTV+ and Rostelecom, among others, were reportedly affected by the hack.

Hackers showed information that viewers were being lied to about the war in Ukraine by television and authorities. Russia officially calls this war a “special mission”.

“The blood of thousands of Ukrainians and hundreds of their murdered children is on your hands,” appeared on television. “Say no to war.”

The texts could also be read on the online TV guides of the big technology company Yandex. The texts are now adapted to regular programming.

It is unknown who is behind the hacks. The timing was striking. In Russia, Victory Day is celebrated on Monday. Every year on this day, Russians celebrate the victory over the Nazis in World War II.

Because of this celebration, President Putin gave a speech which could be watched on television on Monday morning. There were no major announcements regarding Ukraine. He said it was important to “do everything possible to prevent the horrors of a world war”.

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