Ziggo increases subscription prices by an average of 2.12 euros per month


From July 1, the telecom operator Ziggo will charge an average of 2.12 euros more per month for its internet packages. A spokesperson reported this to NU.nl on Monday. Ziggo says it will increase the price in order to “continue to invest in network capacity”.

The price increase depends on the customer’s subscription. They almost all increase by 2 to 3.50 euros. Also, not all prices increase. Some wholesale internet subscription prices are falling.

The provider says the price increase is necessary because data usage on the network has increased explosively. This is partly due to the use of streaming services, working from home and gaming. This is a 60% increase in two years.

According to Ziggo, subscribers are also using the network simultaneously with more and more equipment. In addition, the provider sets “higher requirements for internet security”, partly because of cybercrime risks.

Ziggo also reported boosting internet speeds for its customers starting in July last month. Speeds for professional and private customers will be increased. The supplier claims that the price increase is independent of this.

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