On Sunday, the government decided on the request to join NATO


The Social Democrats, who rule in Swedenwill decide on Sunday whether to support a historic candidacy of their country to join NATO to be protected by Russia, they announced.

“The party will announce its position on May 15,” a Social Democrat spokeswoman told AFP. Julia Gramb.

Support for membership, which would be a major shift from the previous line of Prime Minister Magdalena Anderson’s party, would pave the way for a Swedish candidacy, analysts say.

With the support of the Social Democrat MPs, a broad majority in the Swedish Parliament would be secured in favor of the country’s candidacy, especially in the event that the candidacy of neighboring Finland is formalized, something that is expected in the coming days.

THE Sweden and Finland remained outside military alliances for decades. And the Swedish Social Democrats have been since the creation of NATO in 1949, the main political force opposed to eventual membership, a line that was re-advocated at the party’s last congress in November.

But public opinion and many political officials have shifted in favor of accession due to concerns raised by the Russian attack on Ukraine.

The government and the parties represented in parliament are due to present a review of the strategy on Friday to clarify the choice regarding NATO.

For his part, Finnish President Sauli Niinisto will announce his personal position on a possible candidacy on Thursday, while the position of the Finnish Social Democrats, who are also in power, is expected on Saturday.

Source: skai.gr

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