The beginning of the end for Putin – The war fails


THE first prime minister under him Vladimir Putin told Skynews that today’s talk about Victory Day showed that the Russian president knows that his war fails.

Mikhail Kasyanov pointed out that Putin is in trouble and that is the “beginning of the end of the Putin era».

As he characteristically stated, the Russian president was “misled” and did not expect the level of resistance from Ukraine.

The former prime minister, who has spoken out against the war in the past, said Putin had “stolen” Victory Day from the Russians in remembrance of family members and “created a propaganda instrument».

He added that the fact that no victory was announced today means that the Russian forces “they lose power».

Meanwhile, another former Russian politician also pointed out that Putin can be fired.

Gennady Goodkov, an exiled former member of the liberal opposition, wrote on Twitter: “Putin repeated excerpts from the zombie drawer, without daring anything more serious. So the Kremlin no longer has any reservations. Now Putin’s defeat is a matter of time!».


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