Europeans have discovered the avocado, the market is growing by 12% per year


Avocados are becoming increasingly popular in Europe, Rabobank concludes after research. The European avocado market has grown considerably over the past ten years. “There is hardly any vegetable or fruit that has such growth,” says Cindy van Rijswick, food economist at the bank.

In the European Union and the United Kingdom, the avocado market has grown at an average rate of more than 12% per year over the past ten years. These markets can still grow, although the bank expects it to be a bit slower. On average, Europeans eat 1.5 kilos of avocados per person per year.

“In a number of markets, such as Germany and the UK, growth is already down,” says Van Rijswick. “According to some, the growth is not very sustainable, because it takes a lot of water to produce avocados. Moreover, little energy is spent on promotion, which is necessary to maintain interest in a product.

It is unclear whether inflation will affect avocado sales

The influence of current price increases on growth is still uncertain, according to Van Rijswick. “It’s a bit of a luxury product, but you can’t compare the current situation with the financial crisis of 2008, when few avocados were eaten.

Van Rijswick indicates that around 40% of Dutch households buy avocados at least once a year. The rest of the households, 60%, never buy them. “Although the Netherlands is slightly above the European average for avocado consumption, hard numbers are lacking, not least because so many avocados are traded,” she says.

For the EU, the main avocado markets are France and Germany. Peru is Europe’s main supplier, but smaller suppliers such as Colombia and Mexico are becoming more important due to expected growth. The main US consumer accounts for almost 40% of the world’s avocado imports.

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