Foreign Ministers of Greece and Kenya: Opportunity to deepen relations between the two countries


After the meeting of Foreign Ministers of Greece Nikou Trees and Kenyan Rachel Group a joint statement was issued.

As noted, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kenya pays an official visit to Greece from 6 to 11 May, which was an opportunity to deepen relations between the two countries, as long-term relations are based on mutual respect and focus on strengthening bilateral including trade and investment.

It is noted that the main element of the visit was the conclusion of a bilateral Memorandum of Understanding for Cooperation in the field of Diplomatic Education, with the two Foreign Ministers expressing confidence that the framework drawn up through the Memorandum of Understanding demonstrates their commitment to training of diplomatic staff and the exchange of information and publications. They also thanked the competent teams of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs for their commitment to the negotiation and completion of the Memorandum of Understanding and wished them success in the implementation of the thematic areas provided in it, within the set timetables.

Furthermore, Nikos Dendias and Rachel Omamo reaffirmed their commitment to further develop and strengthen cordial relations by concluding the negotiation of bilateral agreements in the fields of agriculture, tourism, sports, energy and maritime affairs.

The statement stressed that the foreign ministers agreed on the need to speed up the organization of a Joint Ministerial Committee (JMC), which will provide the two countries with the framework for negotiating and finalizing the pending Agreements.

Finally, it is noted that Rachel Omamo thanked her counterpart, Niko Dendia, for the warm welcome and kind hospitality to her and her delegation, and invited them to hold the next round of bilateral talks in the Republic of Kenya.

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