Gall & Gall employees receive more pay and keep their allowance on Saturdays


Gall & Gall employees receive a 4.5% salary increase and keep their allowance if they work on Saturdays. This was agreed in a new collective labor agreement for alcohol sellers at Gall & Gall, which members of the FNV union accepted. The chain’s employees have been campaigning for weeks and the deal has been on strike for six days.

In April, the doors of more than 100 Gall & Gall stores were repeatedly closed because employees demanded better pay. They also demanded that the Saturday allowance continue to exist, so that the chain’s employees earn more if they work on weekends. Employees disagreed with Gall & Gall’s previous proposals, partly because the company wanted to scrap the Saturday supplement.

Jethro Warbroek, Director of FNV Handel, is delighted with the new agreement: “I am proud of what our members have achieved for all employees of Gall & Gall. Employees across the country have come together to enforce good agreements. However, the manager says he has mixed feelings as he would have liked to see a clear link to inflation in the salary increase.

The collective labor agreement will apply from January 1 this year until March 31, 2023. The CNV union also accepted the proposal earlier.

Gall & Gall is part of Ahold Delhaize, the parent company of Albert Heijn and In total, the liquor store chain has eighteen hundred employees, approximately three hundred own stores, two hundred franchisors and one hundred convenience stores in Albert Heijn branches.

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